About Us

In 1937, the Unionville Volunteer Fire Company was established in order to provide first rate fire protection services in Center Township, Butler County. Since then, we’ve established a reputation for handling our duties in an efficient and effective manner. We make sure to stay ahead of new challenges facing our ability to put fires out quickly. We work closely with the public we serve to ensure that we all live in the safest environment possible, and engage with them through community outreach programs and educational seminars on the latest in fire safety.



Fire Chief: Michael Pflugh
Assistant Chief: Nathan Wulff
Assistant Chief: Shaun Milkovich
Captain: Michael Iscrupe
Lieutenant: Zack Clark
Lieutenant: Russ Weitzel



President: Randy Brown

Vice President: James Stamm

Treasurer: Cody Lamison

Secretary: Tyler Glasgow

Membership Clerk: Zack Clark



Chairman: Phil Wulff
Director: Michael Iscrupe
Director: Nathan Wulff
Director: Zack Clark
Director: Cody Lamison


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